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The Cheap, Beautiful and Amazing Destinations in Travelling Northern Europe

The Baltics should definitely be visited if travelling Northern Europe; after the Scandinavian countries it will be a fresh breath. A bit European, a bit Russian culture has mixed at those countries; Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. Today, we will narrate several places in Northern Europe. It’s easy to get Riga with plane. Most of cities in Europe has direct flight to there. Moreover, Riga is intersection for bus lines. Thus Riga become attracted point while you are travelling Northern Europe.

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 Brīvības piemineklis


Brīvības piemineklis (Freedom Monument) in Riga is a symbol of independence and freedom for the Latvian people. The Design 1935 Karlis Zale and Ernests Stalbergs. It was officially opened on 18 November 1935 on the anniversary of the independence of Latvia. The local population was donor money. It is written on the front of the Tēvzemei un Brivibai which means “For Fatherland and Freedom”. The monument is made of light gray granite, while a statue made of Sweden steel. During the Soviet occupation, gathering around the monument and laying flowers was strictly forbidden. After Latvia regained its independence again formed as a guard of honor.

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