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Service, Food and Atmosphere! Get Yourself Poznan for Travel

It was easy to get to Poznan for travel, direct bus from Berlin it takes 3 hours. Other options are direct flights from several destinations to Poznan-Ławica Airport. The City of Poznan has approximately 600.000 inhabitants which makes Poznan the 5th greatest city of Poland. Meanwhile the most travel attractive destinations of country. The commercial district has various of shops which serves the best beers of Poland and also you can find beautiful dinner restaurants. Poznan for travel, of course the most interesting places in Poznan is night clubs. The city has surrounded by various pubs, discos and night clubs. All of them have different aura. So, most of the young people have found each other at those places. So, travel to Poznan becomes very exciting than expected.

Stary Rynek

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When you firstly came to Poznan for travel, there is a big train station will be salute you. Central Glowny is outside gate of Poznan, here is the first place regardless of you came train or bus. The awarded beautifiul architectural building has a shopping center inside as well.

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