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Places to Visit in Exotic City Bangkok

Bangkok is a capital city of Thailand’s tourism. The skyscrapers rising rapidly in the past years, stylish luxurious hotels opening behind each other, and gigantic shopping malls that host world brands have become a center of attraction rising in Bangkok. I have visited 7 times in total and I have spent more than 1 month in total in Bangkok.

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Grand Palace


  • The magnificent Grand Palace, which has been used since 150 years as the royal center of Thailand, is Bangkok’s most precious and most important place. It consists of over a hundred buildings and temple complexes. Until 1925, the royal palace which is used as the royal residence and now part of the museum is open to the public, some of them still serve as royal offices. When visiting Buddhist temples in Thailand, remember that your shoulders and your knees should be closed. The price of the visit is 500 Baht.

grand temple bangkok

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