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New York Travel Notes

New York City is the city that makes you feel like listening to your favourite song over and over, watching your movie over and over again, reading and re-reading a book you’re impressed with. How many times you go, you will not get bored, you will get different flavours every time you go.

You know I love coloured things so much, I can not imagine that I did not like this colourful city. This was the 3rd move, I hope I will go even more times.

The New York state’s biggest city, New York City, is the name NYC. In addition to the big apple nickname “Big Apple”, it is also known as “City never sleeps” or “City that does not sleep” NYC.

If you are going to spend more than 3 days in the city and you are mostly using public transport, give $ 30 and get Metrocard weekly, download the Nyc subway application to phones and do not worry about the rest. You can go up and down unlimitedly. It goes on buses too.

The metro is fast, but I can not say it is clean. If you look carefully at the rails, you have a chance to see a lot of mice. They rubbed this year, we saw it a little while we went. And all kinds of people, drunk and homeless people will share the same train with you. No problem for me, let’s take the metro to the fast and cheap roads I go. It is certainly not an environment where you will not feel safe, people are harmless.

Of course, there’s no way to go back to New York without getting in the cab … The triangle billboard on top of this place is famous. When you throw your hand, they will take a lot of it. In fact, they do not even call cabs, the name of the taxi in New York is “Cab”.

Hop on Hop off buses when I want to see lots of places in short time. If the weather is good, you can take your place upstairs and walk without tire. There is also a headset and guidance service. I have never been in New York, can be considered as an alternative.

Where do you stay in New York?

“Where do you stay in New York?” you know, “Manhattan, get in the mud.” Because being close to places to visit will be very helpful, and Manhattan is the safest place. When I first went to a centrally located hostel, I stayed in a room for 6 people with 5 people I did not know and 1 night for $ 60. I understand that hotels are expensive¬†in New York!


When we went to this place, we stayed in Harlem, the northern part of Manhattan, which we thought was a dangerous place we heard so much from singing. Harlem is not old Harlem, friends, it has changed. It is true that Afro-American is a region where there are a lot of black citizens, but I have to admit that I have not seen a dangerous environment. Setting a location in Midtown will be the most convenient way of transportation, but I say I would prefer Manhattan!

Times Square

It would not be a lie to be a city that is easy to fly to New York because it has a unique street layout. Manhattan consists of an avenue that goes from the north to the south, that is, the boulevards and the streets that cut them steeply. The streets are named with numbers. There is also a broadway called Broadway that cuts across Manhattan Island from side to side. The intersections of Broadway with other avenues and other boulevards are places that are often worth seeing.

Times Square is a magnificent place on Broadway’s 7th avenue, on 47th street. You will wonder where you look, millions of lights, hundreds of panels will wink at you. You will join thousands of tourists and take dozens of photos.


The famous Broadway theatres are also around here. Broadway musical is one of New York’s indispensable activities. I will explain the ticket prices and the information in the following section.

5th avenue, the 5th avenue, is one of the most famous, most luxurious shopping streets in the world. If Paris is Shanzelize, New York has Fifth Avenue water. The gorgeous area of this place can be called between 59th street and 40th street.

Empire State

Another scenic spot is the Empire State Building, which is located at the intersection of 5th avenue and 34th floor. I was here alone in 2008 to beat the height of fear. We did not go out this time. The fee starts at $ 27. Do not forget that you will wait for many lines if you do not receive an express input. Jackal tourists prefer to be at sunset time to photograph both night and day.

Central Park

Central Park starts at the place where the 5th bullet intersects with the 59th Boulevard. It would not be wrong to say the city’s lungs. It is a miracle that such a large and natural park is among the huge buildings. They do not say, “Let’s make it smaller”, “Let’s put a shopping centre on the side”, they protect it as much as possible. Inside is a whole new world, swans in the lakes, swans of ducks, squirrels in the grass …

Upper East Side

East of Central Park is the area called Upper East Side. Gossip Girl spectators know this place very well, a deluxe neighbourhood where the rich are living. I do not think there is much to see if you are wondering, it’s enough to take a panoramic tour with a taxi. Serena or Blair can come out at any moment, beware!

The New York Public Library, the New York Public Library building, is also frequented by tourists on the 40th avenue of 5th avenue.

Flatiron Building

Broadway and 5th Avenue meet you at an interesting architectural building that meets you at the Flatiron Building. It’s one of the most iconic buildings in New York. Used as a business centre.


There is another building, the Empire State building and the Flatiron building, which have signed the New York City skyline, which is the Chrysler building.


All plates in Chinatown are Chinese. Nevertheless, it did not become too Chinese to feel yourself in China. When we went, they were celebrating a special day. When the Chinese police we asked what the incident was saying did not know, “We do not need to know then,” we turned our way to Little Italy.

Little Italy

You will understand when you come to the area called Little Italy that pizzas begin. In this small area, you can eat Italian food, you can take a tour like this. There’s no need to worry too much, Soho is waiting for you.

Wall Street

Financial district, the financial centre, south of Manhattan. It’s not just America, but maybe the whole world’s stock market. The famous Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange, the stock exchange building, the famous bull sculpture all around. The sun shines through the huge buildings, while the tourists are flashing in the streets, the stylish plaza employees are finking around.

Statue of Liberty

The southernmost part of the island is undetectable for a single financial centre! See the Statue of Liberty by now. Within the Battery Park are the ferries departing from Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. These ferry tours bring you to the Statue of Liberty, the Island of Freedom, and see the museum on Ellis Island, the crossing point before immigrants enter America. Tours are around $ 27.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge, which links Manhattan and Brooklyn, will not be returned until they see it. This is a bridge across the East River, open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Walk down the bridge and look at the Manhattan scene in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

If you go back to Manhattan, it’s worth seeing every street and street, and if you have the time, you can walk on Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue and enjoy the shops.

This is New York, bottomless pit. I could not finish it by writing or writing … I have a very long article for what I will not go and I would like to thank those who can read it. I guess it was a detailed New York sightseeing guide for those who were going to go.

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