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More Alternative Places to Visit in Izmir

The 3rd biggest city of Turkey, Izmir. It has more alternative places when you visit in Izmir. The city also know as pearl of Aegea, deep blue sea. Beaches which beautiful than each other and historical places always make visit in Izmir an attractive point. Çeşme, Alaçatı, Foça, Bergama, Seferihisar and Selçuk are just a few of the places to be seen and they mostly cover the districts of visit in Izmir. They are among the places to visit around İzmir with its unique architecture and atmosphere.


Urla is the center of the peninsula, with the provinces of Çeşme and Karaburun. Here is called as Yarımada in İzmir. Urla, known for its prosperous, cheese, potatoes and herbs, is well known for its long life and Aegean flavors. When you come to visit in Izmir, try katmer and ayran in katmerciler located around Urla Pier. Sit in a restaurant in Cesmealti to experience the sea, wine tasting in the famous Urla Vineyards, Aegean herbs, olive oil and delicious seafood.


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