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Feel the Medieval France’s Burgundy

Burgundy or Bourgogne was one of the 27 regions of France which is now merged into Bourgogne Franche-Comté. Burgundy has a long history as a kingdom and duchy, and has for centuries been a center of power meaning in medieval France. Until the French Revolution remained an independent French province around the city of Dijon. Burgundy is located fairly centrally in the interior of France. So, the climate is moderately continental, because of the distance from the sea; the winters are cold that’s why visiting Burgundy in Autumn would be perfect. The most famous product of Burgundy and its best ambassador is undoubtedly the wine. From north to south of the province, on well-exposed terroirs, the prestigious appellations of Burgundy grew with happiness.

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Abbaye de Fontenay

Located in the north of Burgundy, Fontenay Abbey was founded in 1118 by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, one of the greatest French saints, and is the oldest Cistercian abbey preserved in the world. This place will take you to medieval France

Classified as a French historical monument in 1862, it was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1981. It was one of the first French monuments to be included on this list, which thus distinguished the exceptional value of the whole Abbey of Fontenay than of its natural environment.

After the French Revolution, which led to the departure of the monks, it was reclaimed as an industrial building, thus preserving all the Romanesque buildings: the abbey church, the dormitory of the monks, the cloister, The chapter house, the monks’ hall and the forge.

The Abbey is decorated with a landscaped park which was classified “Jardin Remarquable” in 2004 by the National Council of Parks and Gardens. It is nestled in the hollow of a completely preserved valley that stretches over 1,200 hectares.

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