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8 Places Absolutely Must Be Seen in Italy

Exploring Italy, which has a different culture and history at every point, requires both labor and time. While enjoying the sea, sand, sun in the south, it will be fashionable in Milan; As you walk through the canals in Venice, you will enjoy with Italian food in the streets of Florence. Italy, %70 of country is historical artifact. We have compiled 8 places absolutely must be seen in Italy.

For Venice, first of all, there are legendary channels in tongues, fairy-tale streets and large squares that make deep historical texture feel at every corner. However, the temptation of Venice is not limited to this. It is necessary to explore this history by giving the city the right to smell art and romance. Visit the Church of San Marco, the Doge Palace and the Bell Tower. All of them are located in the center of Venice and along the San Marco square. You can go to Murano Island, the center of the art scene, and watch how glass masters create incredible artworks with a breath. And of course, make a gondola.

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