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8 Places Absolutely Must Be Seen in Italy

Exploring Italy, which has a different culture and history at every point, requires both labor and time. While enjoying the sea, sand, sun in the south, it will be fashionable in Milan; As you walk through the canals in Venice, you will enjoy with Italian food in the streets of Florence. Italy, %70 of country is historical artifact. We have compiled 8 places absolutely must be seen in Italy.

Sorrento is famous for its lemon trees. It is a whole different pleasure to explore the region by strolling in the smell of lemon flowers. Even a meal you eat under the trees will make your soul calm. The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s most beautiful and popular areas. Sorrento is a very popular city both on its own and as a center in the region. You can use this center as a center and visit all the islands and towns around the area.

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