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8 Landmarks in New York

New York; Due to its massive skyscrapers, cosmopolitan structure, Statue of Liberty, exhibitions, bridges and other elements it hosts, countless films have become the backdrop or subject and attracted the attention of the whole world. This mega-city, also known as the "crossroads of cultures", has melted various cultures from many different points of the world in its own strength and brought out a completely different cultural structure. It is possible to see all the shades of the human skin or to hear most of the world languages ​​at the same time in the city where the glory and poverty are traditionally intertwined with modernity.

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Statue of Liberty


The Statue of Liberty, symbol of New York, or even the most important symbol of America in the broader sense, is a symbolic sculpture built on a rather small island (Liberty Island) of the same name. To reach this sculpture at a height of 46 meters you can use ships and boats moving from Battery Park down Manhattan. You can also observe a bit over the river, but a bit far away, with free ferries moving from Battery Park to Staten Island. Cards such as the New York Pass can also be transported to the island and to the top of the Statue of Liberty (crown). The fee, including transportation, is $ 27.

8 Landmarks in New York Liberty

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