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5 Must Seen Castle Around Europe

The castle, have an appearance like the architectural structure that fascinates visitors, is the focus of tourists. We have gathered for you 5 must seen castles and chateaus around the Europe. All of them have different stories and inspiration for other works.

Swallow’s Nest, A tiny castle near Yalta in southern Ukraine. Russian architect Leonid Sherwood has designed this building in 1912.  The chateau overlooks a panoramic view of the 40-meter Aurora Cliff, stretching from the Yalta Peninsula to the Black Sea. The reason for giving this building name like Love Chateau, Swallow’s Nest, von Stengel as well as every rich and noble in the region, which was very popular at that time – Ballerina Mistress- fashion. According to gossips he made this building for his ballerina mistress.

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Swallow’s Nest

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