10 Beautiful Country to Visit in Autumn



Autumn. The saddest season… In the summer when we have exhausted our tiredness, even nature is getting tired and rested. It is a period of transformation where people are full of energy, moving and changing the season and the order and a brand new fashion. It’s a different person, a different one. With this change of season and our soul, let’s take colourful roots together. “Where do you want to go in autumn? What are the countries to visit in the fall? “. I summed up the 10 countries that I wrote for them below.

Kyoto – Japan

Do not die without that witness where the cherry trees decorate the Zen philosophy and the cloaked gardens of the temples all over the country. Believe me, do this once in your life.

There is a very beautiful period from mid-October to mid-November. The streets of narrow streets, people with a smiling face, a lesson to learn what the concept of respect is all about. I always say.

The goal is not just to go and take the most important structure of the city, it’s building, or anything else. The goal is to recognize that culture, to understand the points we are missing, and to prevent future generations from making the same mistake. It’s a flag race. You need to go. You have to see. You need a teacher.



I do not know what I found in Slovenia … My mind does not go out. The parks, especially Bled, which is about 1 hour away from Ljubljana, are the picturesque town of Bled, the old town area that I lost while wandering around the streets of Ljubljana, due to its proximity to Italy, pizza, pasta and wonderful wine culture.

Budapest – Hungaria

It is a place that you should see many places both night and day that you absolutely see. Especially the youth population is much more popular than in other European countries, with the name Sziget Music festival (August 11-18) in Budapest.

But the most popular one, the hot water springs that once remained in the Hungarian territory of the Ottoman Empire, are one of the most popular activities in the city. Actually it’s a kind of bath culture but let’s say the open version.

By the way, there is nothing left in the city as a culture from the Ottoman Empire. It’s just this culture. They say so.

Do not forget to watch the city on Gallert Hill, see the Fisherman’s Tower, wander around the Heroes Square and visit the Varosliget, the city park. You can use hot water sprayers located in the park.

Brugge – Belgium

“Not so romantic. Mixing people’s minds. It’s a romantic city. “I say myself. But I can not bear it again. I have to write. We said autumn.

Romanticism was new excitement, emotions, not one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, not to mention the chosen Brugge. You will also enchant you with its canals, narrow streets, churches made with gothic architecture.

Do not return without a beer (Delirium Cafe), chocolate and French fries in the city, which is reached after 1 hour and 15 minutes from Brussels by train.

You can also go back and forth from Brussels on the day of your stay in the city. As the budget; 50 euros a day will be sufficient.

Stockholm – Sweden

I go to some Scandinavian countries. I love those guys. I applauded their developments, acclaimed approaches to art and man, and I applauded the courtesy … I did not know what to say.

It seems to me that these countries are not from this world! Why ? Because it is a much more modern and developed country than many Western European countries. The cities are more organized and less hassle for getting fewer immigrants.

More than anything else, they are quieter and more successful. They are prosperous. So that they will work 6 hours a day in the latest decision they make. Anyway, look at you again. I extended it again. Now┬áif you are here, go to Gamla Stan, they have an old town district. You’ll love it there.

There are such enchanting subway stations in this city that you can only see these stations for half a day. Also remember, this city is built on the sea and there are magnificent parks all around.

You can enjoy the most beautiful face of nature in the parks of this city, one of the most civilized countries I have ever seen. It is also the capital city of culture.

There are concerts, art galleries where more places and events such as the National Museum and Stockholm Public Library are held.

Amsterdam – Netherlands

I went 4 times, 2 of them was in Autumn. I’m still out there. I rent a bicycle, walk freely in front of houses made of tiles, there is a street trip along the canals. I have a breathing room in the same place as anyone who does not interfere with anyone, everyone just lives.

At Vondelpark I have my feet sip against the lake, sipping a cup of coffee after watching the process of sitting in a cage in Dam Square. Museumplein, Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and many more museums I can add I have visited again. So you will understand, I still have a lot to go to Amsterdam. Why ?

It’s so beautiful. Must be seen absolutely. The autumn season is a great opportunity to spread out in the parks and escape from the full thaw. As the budget; a figure of 50-70 euros per day will suffice. But this figure is valid for staying in the hostel.


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